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Rats in or around your home?

Rats are not normally found within the home, but if you find them to be, a rat infestation needs dealing with quickly it leads to serious health risks and needs tackling immediately. Meanwhile, if you see rats in your garden, it would be wise to consider rat control to ensure that they don’t gain access to your home.

Even the most spotlessly clean home can suffer from rodents and we understand that you’ll want your home back to normal as soon as possible. Catchers Pest Control will eradicate your problem quickly using the latest and most efficient methods available.

General Information

Rats and mice are found where food, water and shelter are available for them. Rats usually live in drains and sewers and may only be visible if the drainage system becomes damaged. If this is the case, repairing the fault is important. Mice can enter buildings from very small gaps (gaps small enough to insert a pencil into). It is important to block or seal all gaps as they may be entry points for mice. A free survey if requested to advise on prevention measures  to stop any kind of vermin/rodents entering the property is included

Treatment of Rodents

We will place small trays or boxes of rodenticide poison in any affected areas. The rodents may not eat the bait straight away, so to ensure that rodents eat the poison, all rubbish and food waste should be removed. We also advise that garden birds are not fed during the treatment, as this is a food source for rodents, and dog/cat food should be removed after feeding pets. Bins and skips should be kept covered. As rodents require water, any leaks should be repaired.

Trapping methods are also used , baited traps  etc  are a successful method of eradicating rodents

Please note:

Please note that the rodenticide method of treatment may require several visits for it to be successful, so you must ensure that you are available at the address for all booked appointments. It is important that you do not move or interfere with any of the poison baits.

Once you think you have a rat problem call for a rat catcher from Catchers Pest Control covering Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Lincolnshire.

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