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How do i identify a mouse?

A mouse is about 8 cm long excluding tail and has brown/gray fur lighter on the underside.

Where do Mice live?

  • Inside the insulation of walls and lofts
  • In boiler cupboards
  • Under kitchen units counters and bathtubs
  • In attics and cellars where cardboard and cloth etc is kept

What do mice eat?

Rather than their stereotype of being cheese lovers ,they prefer a diet of cereals, biscuits chocolate ,but when in the house they will eat anything that is not in a airtight container. House mice normally get the moisture they need from the food they eat and do not have to seek out a source of water.

What attracts mice? 

In a word food mice are masters at seeking out scraps of food in and around the house; but thier favourite is food left out for pets and birds, discarded food uncollected rubbish and litter.

How do I know if I have a mouse problem?

  • Droppings normally about 5 cms long normally near food sources
  • Scratching noises
  • Evidence of gnawing
  • Burrows or nests
  • Sometimes a strong musky smell

Are Mice harmful?

Mice are known to carry salmonella and listeria.

Mice facts

Mice are capable of reproducing from 4 weeks old, they have an average lifespan of a mouse is 9 to 12 months. Mice are not incontinent but do leave scent trails for territories. They are excellent climbers and can swim but tend to avoid water.

Method to remove a mouse Infestation 

Catchers Pest Control normally use baited traps as the usual method, plus bait boxes baited with rodenticide.Rodent control is done in a discrete manner  and unmarked vans are available on request.

Once you have identified you have mice call for a mouse catcher at Catchers Pest Control

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 The ability of mice to squeeze through very tiny gaps means that in order to keep these pests away, then a thorough inspection of your property is necessary.

To prevent a mouse problem in the first instance or to deter mice from returning, I also provide a wide range of Rodent Proofing options to better protect your premises. During a site survey I will advise on how to make common entry points less accessible, block off hidden holes or protect doorways. Bait stations can also be deployed in strategic locations to ensure complete peace of mind.

If you require assistance in neutralising a mouse infestation or want to proof your premises against mice, contact Catchers pest Control for professional mouse control in Mansfield and surrounding towns including Nottingham, Chesterfield, Worksop, Ollerton, Newark and Southwell.